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July '24

Skin Relief - When Tattoos Go Bad

If you already have a tattoo, then you know exactly how much thought went into choosing the design. And in some cases it may not have been an awful lot...

For some people there's a lot of planning and then consulting with the artist before an initial design is even reached. After all, this is permanent art for your skin right? It's a serious business.

Then there's your more casual tattoo customer which ranges from the impulsive "I'm getting a tattoo this weekend, I'll choose one in the shop", right through to the instantly regretted 'holiday tattoo' or the 'partner dedication' for someone you only just recently met!

It won't surprise you to find it's that last category that most often seek out the services of a tattoo removal specialist (I like Wellington tattoo removal if they happen to be in your area - also on Facebook). But it might surprise you to find that even the most dedicated body art fans sometimes want an old piece of work removed. You can also fade them just enough to have new artwork over the top, so it's possible to 'upgrade' to a higher quality piece too.

The process itself is now very effective, especially using the most up to date laser machines. Forget the old days of acid based creams and surgically removing skin (yes, that used to happen!). Once you've seen modern laser removal at work done you'll think it's practically miraculous - the fading effect from the very first treatment is incredible. And the side effects aren't too bad either. You'll get some discomfort, and soreness afterwards, but scarring of the skin is typically minimal if visible at all. It's no beauty treatment but it's very impressive for something that used to be a permanent life decision.

Make sure you talk it through fully with a specialist before you start your first treatment though. The cost and effectiveness of the results do depend on the tattoo you have - especially the size, the colors used and the coverage. But there really is no need these days to suffer a bad tattoo choice, you really can get it removed.

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