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» Can Exercise Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?
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July '24

Can Exercise Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?

There are many benefits to exercising regularly of course, including improving your overall health. But studies have also shown that exercising reduces your risks of developing breast cancer. If you do not exercise regularly, you should think about making some changes to your daily routine and work out for at least thirty minutes a day.

A number of studies have shown that the risks of getting breast cancer are reduced by 30 to 40% for women who exercise for at least three hours a week. Exercising for three hours a week is easy to do even if you have a busy schedule and can have a significant impact on your risks of developing breast cancer.

Exercising reduces your risks of getting breast cancer because hormone levels are reduced when you are active. Working out or simply being active reduces your levels of estrogen, testosterone and insulin. Even though these hormones are not dangerous, high hormonal levels can increase your risks of developing a number of health issues on the long term.

Studies have shown that 70% of women with breast cancer have high hormonal levels. Even though there are other contributing factors, it is undeniable that high hormonal levels and breast cancer are connected. Exercising for only thirty minutes a day is enough to regulate your hormonal levels and protect yourself from this contributing factor.

Working on your cardio is the best way to reduce hormonal levels. You can for instance do aerobic exercises for thirty minutes a day, go for a walk, ride your bike or swim. Activities such as dancing, martial arts or even playing a team sport can help you develop your cardio.

You need to maintain a certain level of physical activity to lower your risks of getting breast cancer. Exercising is a good way to reduce your risks but these benefits will disappear if you stop exercising. It is important to find an activity you really enjoy and can easily fit in your schedule. You should take other measures to reduce your risks of being diagnosed with breast cancer, such as adopting a healthy diet.

Exercising for thirty minutes a day significantly reduces your chances of getting breast cancer. This is a very easy change to make if you are properly motivated. Besides, there are plenty of other benefits to exercising regularly, including lowering your risks for many other health conditions and staying in good shape. But also, don't neglect the power of laughter too.

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