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» Is Short Sightedness Really Genetic?
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July '24

Is Short Sightedness Really Genetic?

Genetics plays a big factor in how a person functions each and every day. We do have a great amount of control over some aspects of how our body develops over time, but at the same time there are certain things that are beyond anyones control.

People who have short sighted eyesight may not have any control over how it develops because this is genetic. But whilst it is genetic short sightedness can also happen as a result of improper care of your eyes, which is just one reason why eye care is so important.

Do you find yourself in dark rooms staring at television screens for an extended period of time? If so then you may be putting your eyes at risk for becoming short sighted. Staring at screens for an extended period of time can cause a great deal of damage to them, so make sure that you are doing your best to prevent your eyes from being over-stressed. There are a lot of people who know this but who do not take this advice seriously enough. If you are serious about maintaining healthy eyes then it is important to prevent yourself from causing harm to your eyes.

If you wear glasses then make sure that you wear them at all times. Your eyes will deteriorate if you do not take the time to wear your glasses. That is because you will be causing strain on your eyes and causing them to develop in the wrong direction. You want to do what is necessary to position your eyes to improve or at least prevent them from becoming worse if you are interested in keeping them as healthy as possible.

To reiterate, short sightedness is genetic but you can help manage your eyesight to make sure they are as healthy as possible. With what you have learned today remember to not become frustrated if you do develop short sighted eyes, you may not have any power over how they develop. If there is one thing you are going to want to do it is try your best to wear glasses, prevent yourself from damaging your eyes further, and ensure that you are doing what is necessary to maintain health as well as your vision. Taking care of your eyes will help you have the sharpest eyesight possible, which can help you live without the need for glasses or contact lenses.