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July '24

Warning: This Product Will Be 'Eaten' By Your Skin

baby eatingWe don't eat skincare products - what are you talking about!?

Well, simply that your skin absorbs the products you put on it. All those lotions and potions wouldn't work at all otherwise. To 'moisturize' your skin, that product has to be absorbed into your skin. And from there what stops it being absorbed into your bloodstream... just like the food you put in your stomach..?

This is why we advise extra care when choosing skincare and beauty products. If you think a product is so toxic that you'd be scared to swallow any of it - then why on earth would you want to put that product on your skin? I'm not recommending eating any beauty products of course, but you get the idea.

Further Tips On Beauty Products To Avoid

The first thing to do is to avoid cheap make up. It may seem like you're getting a great deal on things you need, but the real truth is that cheap make up is made of lower quality products (and potentially ones you'd be best to avoid for health reasons!). These lower quality materials will lead to make up caking, or running when you need them to stay put. Then your look is ruined, and that great deal you got turned out to not be so great. So avoid that, and be ready to pay a fair amount for proper make up.

Look out for products that contain ingredients other countries no longer allow. Some countries take a lot longer to update laws, but if an ingredient has already been banned in the USA for example, do you want to carry on using it..? An example here is for skin whitening creams, where many traditionally used ingredients such as mercury or hydroquinone are gradually being banned or heavily controlled in the amount that can be used. Why? Because research suggests they can have serious side effects! What can you do? Well, simply vote with your wallet. Choose a more natural skin whitener that doesn't use any of these harsh ingredients such as Meladerm from Civant - find out more about that with the reviews at (they also have a Facebook page). It's just one case where there are natural skin lightening alternatives that have proven effective, so you don't have to buy the harsh chemical based products.

It's NOT All About Price Either

Which isn't to say you should pay top dollar, either. Generally, the kinds of make up you can find for mid-ranged prices at your local pharmacy are decent enough. There's no need to pay top dollar for things you can pay a few dollars less for, after all. Sometimes it's even better to go online where you can get exactly the same thing at a healthy discount.

You'll definitely want to avoid any make up that seem oily when they first come out of the tube or bottle. Oily make ups can, unsurprisingly, make your skin quite oily. The oil can then sit and clog up your pores, leading to facial blemishes such as pimples or even worse. Then you need even more make up to cover up the blemishes, and it becomes a never ending cycle.

You'll also want to avoid any make ups that seem gritty. Many chemicals in today's make ups are harsh on gentle skin. You'll want to avoid causing your skin any distress and discomfort, so you should avoid any make up that feels gritty. After all, if it doesn't feel comfortable rubbing between your fingers, then it won't feel comfortable rubbing on your face for hours on end, even if it does stay put.

So next time you're replacing a product, spare an extra thought about how you body will absorb that product - and maybe consider switching for a more natural version.

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